what is $NFTBS

We ambition to build a diversified culture in our community.
$NFTBS aims to bridge the gap between cultures.

We built a platform for NFT trading for ebooks, books, arts...

NFTBooks (NFTBS) is a BSC token that was launched on 7th June 2021. NFTBS not only allows readers to read a book at the lowest cost but also helps author to earn more profits. NFTBS is created to bridge the gap between readers and authors while giving investors an opportunity to make profits by buying and holding the token in their wallets; 2% of every buy, and sell is redistributed between holders. NFTBS envisions to transform the world of book-readings, making it become more affordable and more accessible to many people.

What is Crypto?


Books are important knowledge treasures for everyone because books record the knowledge and values ​​of life that the predecessors have sought, studied, experienced and passed on to the next generation.


The current book publishing industry is similar to other publishing industries. For example, a $20 movie production industry can watch hundreds of movies, but how many books can $20 buy? Most profits can be lost because of pirated books. So is the problem of pirated books due to the mindset of consumers or the traditional model itself?



This project was born to make a profit, but it is the profit of the author, readers and investors. Enable authors to sell as many books as they currently are and still have passive income over time. As long as there are people reading the book, the author still makes a profit.
Helping readers to read a book worth up to 1/100 to 1/1000 cheaper without having to spend time searching for pirated books. Helping investors both gain profits and contribute to society.



Since we have just updated our website and we are in the process of finishing up the Whitepaper, do not hesitate to leave us your email below and we will email you once we are done finalising the Whitepaper.


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The Whitepaper is coming soon and this document will be reviewed by regulators, third-party audit firm and advisers, that includes legal and industry experts. In addition to a description of a project, the Whitepaper will also include the security concept and the token economic model. In the meantime, join our growing community on Telegram


We will do:

This is our road map that we will follow to grow our project

STAGE 1 -2021
Tokens Launch✅
Website Launch✅
2,000 Holders✅
3,000 Telegram Members ✅
Marketing Campaign✅
CoinGecko Listing✅
CoinMarketCap Listing✅
Code Auditing✅
STAGE 2 -2021
5,000 Telegram Members ✅
Website Redesign
10,000 Holders✅
Marketing Campaign✅
Live Now
STAGE 3 -2021
Beta Version NFTBOOKS Market
First CEX Listings✅
15,000 Telegram Members✅
20,000 Holders✅
Marketing Campaign✅
LEVEl 2 - 2022 (STAGE1)
NFT BOOK Create (NFT Marketplace)
NFT BOOK Collection
NFTBOOKS Merchandise Store
3 More CEX Listings
30,000 Telegram Members
50,000 Holders
Influencer Marketing Partnerships
LEVEL 2 -2022 ( STAGE2)
Growing project with Marketing

$NFTBS is currently available on Pancakeswap and can be purchased using our contract address 0x3279510e89600ee1767a037dbd0ad49c974063ae
You can follow the steps below if you are new to Pancakeswap or scroll down and buy directly on our website by connecting your BSC wallet

Register an BSC  account on MetaMask , Trust Wallet or  Coinbase.

Go to to Pancakeswap and add our token contract address above.

Connect a Wallet
Connect your MetaMask or Trust wallet to Pancakeswap.

Transfer $BNB to your MetaMask
Buy $BNB or transfer to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Slippage Tolerance
Make sure you set the Slippage between 5-10%

Swap your $BNB to $NFTBS , HODL and follow all NFTBS channel for information will be updated everyday.



Token Stats

Token Distribution

$NFTBS was released to the public on June 7, 2021, launched on Binance Smart Chain to save transaction fee for users.



Symbol: NFTBS
Smart Contract :
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Burned when start: 20,000,000,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Transaction fee : 4% ( 2% will burn and 2% is rewards to $NFTBS holders )



Have questions? We’re happy to help.