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NFTBOOKS is revolutionizing the way we read books! Our groundbreaking project leverages the power of NFTs to bring affordable and accessible e-books, magazines, articles, literature, and poetry to readers around the world.
With NFTBS, you can unlock a whole new world of literature and art that's just waiting to be discovered. Join us on this exciting journey to transform the world of book-reading


Cheaper to Cheapest

From Cheaper to Cheapest:
While bringing everything for free may seem ideal, it may not always be the best option. At Nftbooks, we strive to build an ecosystem that offers the best value to readers. We believe it's reasonable to pay for what we use, which is why we've created a tiered model. This has made competition more apparent at all levels, ultimately benefiting the readers the most.

Highly scalable

NFTBooks aims to provide a user-friendly platform that is accessible to all book lovers. Our primary goal is to make it simple and easy to use, not only for those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, but for everyone. Our platform can be accessed on any device that has the NFTBooks application, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We can also develop low-cost devices, like the Atmel AVR32, that will allow more people to access NFTBooks and enjoy reading with us. With this approach, we can expand the coverage of NFTBooks beyond traditional books and make reading more accessible to everyone.


Fair Share to everyone

At NFTBooks, we're firm believers in the power of sharing. We believe that only those who are willing to share their knowledge and talents with others can truly receive the recognition and value they deserve.

– With just a little investment, buying NFTBooks can turn you into a savvy investor.

– With your collection of books, magazines, poems or newspapers, you have the potential to become a published author on NFTBooks.

– Looking for a long-term and sustainable investment opportunity? Consider buying discounted books, renting them out, or even selling them to someone else. With NFTBooks, you can turn your love for literature into a profitable and exciting investment venture.

– Looking to indulge in your love for reading without affecting your financial budget? For a minuscule amount (estimated between $0.001 to $0.00001), you can borrow any book that you wish to read!

– We've designed a system at NFTBooks that rewards a passive and ongoing stream of income to those who generously share their expertise and creativity. So, if you're looking for a platform to showcase your work and increase your wealth, look no further than NFTBooks.

By this way , NFTBooks and its characters are able to seamlessly coexist within their own self-sustaining ecosystem, free from external interference or compromise. This ensures that the integrity of the platform and the creativity of its contributors remain intact, allowing for a truly collaborative and innovative experience.

Fierce competition to grow

The competition among authors and book owners has reached unprecedented levels at NFTBooks, setting a new standard for the publishing industry. Gone are the days of authors being confined to competing within their own country, and the unfair advantage of certain authors being favored by publishers. The new era of competition at our platform has broken these barriers, allowing for fair competition on a global scale.

With NFTBooks, bias and unfair prioritization are a thing of the past. Authors can now compete on an equal footing, with added features to help them pinpoint the reasons for their book's under-performance. It's a new dawn for authors, and the possibilities are limitless.

For example: authors have access to valuable insights into their readers' behavior, such as whether they completed reading the book or where they stopped. These metrics provide a clearer and more logical way for authors to improve their writing skills and deliver better experiences to their readers. It's a game-changing feature that sets NFTBooks apart from traditional publishing platforms. Of course, anyone can check such index of any book, because we respect the essence of blockchain – transparency.

Book owners will also be equipped with index measurement tools, allowing them to compete with each other in a fair and stable manner. This healthy competition will not only improve the overall quality of the content but also reduce reading costs, making NFTBooks a more attractive platform for readers.

How do I become an NFTBOOKER?

NFTBooks envisions transforming the world of book-reading, making it more affordable and accessible to everyone. Whether you are a passionate reader who wants to browse our marketplace, authors who want to share their works with us and our community, linguistically gifted readers who want to offer their skills to translate books, or simply an investor - everyone can find their place on our platform.
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Author If you are an author, a copyright holder, or a journalist, you can publish your work on the NFTBooks system and become an author. Explore
Lessor According to the NFTBooks Whitepaper, anyone can easily become a Lessor as long as the economic conditions are favorable. To become a Lessor, you need to own the NFTBS token and a book on the NFTBooks platform. It's easy to acquire a book by purchasing it during an author's sale or transferring ownership from another book owner. Explore
Translator Our team built NFTBooks as a bridge between Authors-Lessors (who provide supply) and Readers (who create demand). NFTBooks' mission is to offer the best support to Authors and Lessors, while providing the best service and experience for Readers. Explore
Investor They were the first audience of the project, supporting NFTBooks from its inception until its development and growth. Explore
Readers Readers are the beating heart of NFTBooks - they're not just users, but the primary audience that drives the platform's success. To buy or borrow a book, a reader needs NFTBS tokens, and as the user base grows, so does the demand for these tokens. Like other e-wallets, users' wallets in the NFTBooks system will never be emptied, which helps to control the amount of tokens in circulation and passively supports the value of the token to gradually increase over time, despite any price fluctuations. Explore


$NFTBS was released to the public on June 7, 2021, launched on Binance Smart Chain to save transaction fee for users.


Symbol NFTBS
Smart Contract 0x6396252377F54ad33cFF9131708Da075b21d9B88
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000
Burned when start 20,000,000,000,000
Network Polygon
Buying fee: 2% 0.4 % Distribute to holders 0.8% Auto add to Liquidity Pool 0.4% Marketing wallet 0.4% send to "Reward Wallets" to contribute to the platform users
Selling fee: 6% 0.7% Distribute to holders 3.5% Auto add to Liquidity Pool 1.3% Marketing Wallet 0.5% Send to "Reward Wallets" to contribute to the platform users (The selling fee will decrease to the same buying fee in a year)
Liquidity Locker RoboLocker

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