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If you are an author, or you own the publishing rights of any work, or you are a journalist, anyone with their own work can become an Author at NFTBooks system.
“Author starts with the letter A, which is important for the beginning of NFTBooks. To make everything balanced in the Ecosystem of NFTBooks, the author must be able to increase his or her value. Only then, they can focus on contributing enough to the community and support the project.” – NFTBooks Whitepaper
Authors will be prioritized in NFTBooks' growth phase.
Unlike Amazon or any other existing platform, where authors pay a commission on every book sold to publishers or platforms, at NFTBooks the author only has to pay a tiny percentage of the book price for the network that NFTBooks runs on.
With the mechanism of NFTBooks, Authors will benefit with 2 types of revenue.

Book Price

Authors will receive revenue from the sale of a book as how he or she gets revenue from any other existing self-publishing platform.

Royalty Income

After sale of a book, Authors will receive 2 types of "Royalty Incomes":
  • i) Every time an owner (who has purchased a book from an author) would sell the book to a new person, the authors will receive a certain "percentage of sale amount" as a "Royalty income" into their wallet.
  • ii) Every time a lessor (who has purchased a book from an author) leases the book on rent to a person, the authors will receive a certain "percentage of the rent amount" as a "Royalty Incomes" into their wallet.

  • 1. This Royalty income for the authors is for a lifetime. An Author's wallet will be credited every time "Owner to Reader" or "Lessor to Borrower" transactions occur. Which will ensure long term benefits while increasing intellectual values.
  • 2. Read the Lessor section to understand who Lessor is at NFTBooks Platform.

Like any sector in the economy, without competition, development will be very slow, be left behind, or even disappear.
NFTBooks wants Authors to compete without any barriers, with all the authors being treated fairly in the ecosystem.
Like a blank page, everyone will come together to ask questions and discuss why users love reading this book? Why do most book readers don’t read the entirety of books? Basically, it can be noted that, in addition to competition, all Authors also become supporters of each other to be able to work together. Write better and more professionally, which can help them better understand their customers – the readers.

To make Authors more specialized, we want to improve tools to assess everyone's reading process, this helps professional authors and new authors to better understand their readers, hence making the reading experience even better. Time is finite, creativity and thinking are limitless, but before that infinity is achieved, we need baseline metrics to be able to measure and raise the baseline of the entire community. This is similar to the in-depth knowledge inherited from university level. NFTBooks developers are quite a fans of Google as they have built a design base to share with everyone, those who make UI or materials for UI can refer to:

Currently, we are exploring how to build an assessment tool for what indicators can be reasonable for. If you find any ideas useful, please contact us at [email protected]. Some of the indicators being discussed are:

  • Full content reader index: This index indicates the number of people who have completed reading the entire book. The higher the index, the more successful the work is. But sometimes it can go wrong in some cases.

  • Percentage of content completed index: This index shows where the majority of readers will give up, this helps book owners and other writers to research and find logical errors about the content to Improve their writing skills.

  • Demo and bought index: In addition to reputation, writing citations is also very important for new authors to attract buyers as well as readers to choose their books. We are also planning to develop a feature that hits this point so that potential writers can reach users sooner based on user reviews. This is perhaps a turning point in the digital market.
Here are a few metrics we plan to publish soon when things stabilize. Everything will gradually develop strongly according to the development process of NFTBooks.
If you're ever curious about reader behaviour and need something similar, please contribute to us via [email protected]
All your shares will be recorded and stored where we run them. Sincerely thank you.
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