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More than simply an end user, Readers are the dominant audience for NFTBooks. The number of Readers are proportional to the attractiveness of NFTBooks. To explain this, we understand that when someone needs to read a book on our platform, the user needs to have the NFTBooks token before they can buy or borrow the book. Therefore, as users increase, the demand to buy NFTBooks token will increase. In addition, there is another factor, although not sudden, but equally important, like other e-wallets, the user's wallet will never go to 0, which will contribute to reducing the amount of money in circulation in implementation of the NFTBooks token. That is, even if the price falls, it will help the price behaviour to increase slowly over time in a passive way.
NFTBooks once emphasized that users will not only include crypto literates, but all readers around the world. But the impediment of crypto technology is making it difficult for those who are older or less tech-savvy. We are aiming to have a product that is so simple to use that every person in the world can use at a touch of a button. Mainly focusing on the less tech savvy audience.

Just like how TV entered the American population in the mid-twentieth century “No invention entered American homes faster than black-and-white TV sets; by 1955 half of all U.S. homes had one “. Therefore, according to our vision and prediction, banks will soon integrate direct buying or direct swap to decentralized exchanges like Quickswap or Pancakeswap, which will help us bypass quite a few steps to reach the entire world of reading lovers.

About the features; we will build a queue model based on the price the Lessor has set for a book. There will be many types of queue arrangements so Readers can choose as desired to be able to read a book at the cheapest or fastest price.

In addition, because extending an unfinished book is so important, intelligent queueing will also be discussed further for the best reader experience; keep them uninhibited and wait too long if NFTBooks becomes overcrowded. Because we want users to be able to borrow books instantly and “Cheaper to Cheapest”
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