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Our team built NFTBooks as a bridge, between Authors-Lessors who provide supply, Readers who uses demand. NFTBooks' mission is to bring the best support to Authors and Lessors, while at the same time providing the best service and experience for Readers.
As we can see, for the first-order cycle of NFTBooks, there will be only 3 main actors, Authors-Lessors-Readers. This will reduce the reach of NFTbooks to even more readers for language reasons. That's why NFTBooks has an additional audience of translators.

Imagine each translator helping a lessor create new streams of profits from readers of the languages the translator works with, and Lessors are those who believe the book has been translated into the language to sell well. So, isn't the one who mostly benefits the Author?. If the Author writes a book with the purpose of sharing, he can completely satisfy his purpose because there will be translators to help him spread the content further.

authorMoreover, with the feature of NFTBooks, Author will be the active People in the contract with translators, they will have the first choice about how much commission they want to give in their contract when publishing for translators. This makes it possible for translators to secure their benefits forever. The fact that each Translator brings such great benefits to the Author, we consider this to be a symbiotic relationship, degree and mutual respect.
If you have any good ideas about translation, we welcome suggestions.Please contact us by email: [email protected] Launch App

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