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Books are important knowledge treasures for everyone because books record the knowledge and values of life that the predecessors have sought, studied, experienced and passed on to the next generation.
Problems The current book publishing industry is similar to other publishing industries. For example, a $20 movie production industry can watch hundreds of movies, but how many books can $20 buy? Most profits can be lost because of pirated books. So is the problem of pirated books due to the mindset of consumers or the traditional model itself?
Solutions This project was born to make a profit, but it is the profit of the author, readers and investors. Enable authors to sell as many books as they currently are and still have passive income over time. As long as there are people reading the book, the author still makes a profit.
Helping readers to read a book worth up to 1/100 to 1/1000 cheaper without having to spend time searching for pirated books. Helping investors both gain profits and contribute to society.

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